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The Solution

Youth Juice and Restor and ReShape are now all combined into one product – TRIPLE RIPPLE – creating the powerful superfood on the planet!

The big secret is in what you eat really, nothing much more than that. Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting some potion from a tree deep down in the Amazon jungle. What we are talking about here is simple whole foods, the kind that you can get from reputable suppliers and that’s what we are bringing to you. A diet comprising whole organic foods, raw super food smoothies, free from soy or gluten and following a vegan lifestyle all form part of this revolution we have decided to share.

So what is so special about these whole foods and what benefits can you actually get from eating them. That is a very good question and below you will find some of these benefits:

  • reduced blood cholesterol levels cutting down risk of heart disease
  • increased energy and vitality levels
  • promotes healthy body weight
  • benefit from enhanced immune response

And that is really where the serious sounding bit ends, from here onwards it’s all fun as you are now more energetic and able to enjoy all the good things life has to offer.

Good Girl Smoothies

The Skinny Bimbo

  • 2 strips Lemon zest
  • 2 strips Orange zest
  • 3 oz YJ Restor
  • 2 scoops YJ ReShape
  • 2 cups Water
  • Crushed ice

Blend or Shake