Body Bliss Mandarin style

The Story behind this interesting piece – the girl is playing a seminole cherokee girl with energy that is depleting. She is seeking energy and power and is a bit lost and confused and can’t seem to find it. She goes on a long run throughout the park searching for this long- lost piece of energy. The man that waves to her is her mystery lover who represents passion. He is like her psyche or subconcious if you will. He reminds her thru her memory loss that he is always around because true passion is never lost, he lets her know this by waving to her. He knows that she will eventually locate new energy and powerful passion as he did in the form of a nectar called Youth Juice – Restor – Rehape – Ripple -She finds the bottle resting on the bush that holds the entire content of it’s goodness – 7 pounds of berries. She drinks and takes off! He silently – secretly watches as she reaches the top of that castle, she feel good, re-energized, stable, alert, cognizant, awake, and truly wholesome and awesome! She reaches the top of the stairs and finds serenity, peace, health, happiness, and a wholesome organic lifestyle.
Fairy tales are great but this stuff really works! check it out