Individuals have sought wealth for centuries. They exhaust every trick and tactic to acquire it. But what is wealth? Being able to do what you choose, buy what you want, and go where you please? I guess that is true for some. But if you can’t swim in that beautiful lake, walk up those marble stairs, or enjoy your million-dollar view from a hospital bed, where is the wealth of life?

No amount of money can buy health. For many, health is, luckily, a choice. However, getting healthy comes with many tips, tricks, and tactics of its own. Most are won with hard work, dedication, and commitment.

Health brings longevity and happiness to the forefront of one’s life, enabling more time to create family memories and epic moments with friends. What matters most in life are the people we share it with. Loved ones do not want to lose us just as we do not want to lose them. But stubbornness can often misguide the quest to better ourselves.

In the quest for “wealth”, family and friends may be left poorer in the wake of your poor decisions because you will not be there to share the riches of your love. So eat right, exercise, and keep yourself healthy. Being healthy is the new wealthy. Join now or simply listen to a Man who knows how to get paid…

Listen to the man…

push me!



Healthy Cocktail Mixer!

Getting it done with fun!
Gettin’ it done Havin’ FUN!

We have found that the best way to introduce friends and family members to a clean and healthy way of living is through a really cool party! Parties don’t have to be the same ol’ same ol’ full of alcoholic beverages that gives nearly everyone a seriously massive hangover the next morning and bad snacks which bloat even the skinniest person!  Ewww gross.

Have a party with Veden and make smoothies that will help folks get their groove on in an awesome alcohol-free way. Healthier cocktails are a growing trend across the country, and  Veden are juices we promote for their whole food goodness!

Here’s what we mean… Try some of our fun and delicious smoothie recipes… Check out Good girl Smoothies