Moose – (noun) – large animal with an attitude problem and once it gets on your back…


Moose remained resistant while imprisoned in the whole grain cell. Refusing to eat whole foods, he chose a poor, unbalanced diet. The goddess of health did not stop him because she hadn’t the heart to let him starve, and he was nowhere near her people to be of any negative influence. Once Moose began growing larger and larger from his lack of activity, however, he formed an escape plan.

After slyly hiding cakes and pies, Moose befriended the guards, who ate the sugary foods and fell asleep without locking up the whole wheat cell. The moose was on his way to freedom. He sneaked and sneaked until he was finally outside the palace walls. But he had gained so much weight and had become so lazy that he struggled to make the journey home. He was tired and without energy. Moose had to take a break and rest every couple of minutes. At this rate, it would take months to make it back home.

The goddess—having watched Moose struggle—felt sorry for him. She did not want to see anyone imprisoned by bad eating habits. Whispering of a healthy diet, the goddess enticed hopeless Moose to the palace, where he ate right and lost the unhealthy weight until he was in tip-top shape. Alas, Moose had another plan.

The whole diet and exercise was too regimented for Moose. Feeling strong and proud, he waited until the goddess was not looking and ran right into the Fast Food Forest. He ran and ran and ran without losing energy. But that did not stop him from eating and eating and eating once he was deep within the forest. Sitting by a caffeinated brook, Moose enjoyed his lazy, decadent lifestyle.

The goddess watched Moose, disappointed that she had made one blunder while he was in her care: She changed his diet, but not his attitude. Vowing to help Moose, the goddess confronted him, asking if he enjoyed being overweight and out of shape. Angry, Moose ran deeper into the forest. But the goddess followed. Trying to outrun her, he became winded and frustrated to see that she easily matched his strides.

. Heart pounding, lungs burning, Moose had no choice but to realize that he was extremely unhealthy. Only then did he stop running. Only then did he face the truth. Dedicating himself to organic and whole foods, Moose—with the help of the goddess—changed his life forever. But,at times he still gets loose…

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