The Dangers of SOY, GLUTEN & DAIRY

Beaver was still having a grand ole time at the healthy palace of the health goddess. By continuing to eat whole foods—thankful to the goddess for saving her life—Tha Moose was off of her back and she was satisfied with a healthier way of life. That is, until a stranger arrived to the palace.

Colorful, vibrant, and free of worry, his demeanor enchanted Beaver. He smelled of a familiar perfume and drew a jovial crowd wherever he and his strange elixir ventured. Beaver wanted to join. She wished for nothing more than to be as happy as her friends.  Tha Moose was Loose!

Day after day, Beaver drank the elixir known as “SOY Shiite”. Uninhibited, she was able to do anything and garnered attention wherever she went, just as the stranger had. However, the goddess noticed Beaver’s unhealthy patterns and warned her of the negative effects SOY, Dairy and Gluten would have on her life. Beaver did not listen – she felt the way she was going was best and continued her harmful ways…

Remaining in bed rather than exercising every morning was only the beginning of Beaver’s downward spiral. She missed out on many opportunities and became depressed from her high intake of Soy – Dairy and Gluten.   While she did not want to stop drinking the glutinous Shiite, Beaver knew deep down that she had to change.

The Hot Goddess sympathized with Beaver’s plight and offered her healthy alternative elixirs in the form of whole food – super foods – No Soy – No Gluten shakes. The fifty shakes created by the goddess were all purposeful and healthy, leaving Beaver feeling strong and renewed. Energized of body and mind, Beaver was overjoyed to realize that once again she managed to get tha moose off her back! Now, Beaver is the life of the party simply because she is healthy and happy.

In a Nutshell – Drinking excess amounts of Soy will cause a man to get Boobs and go limp and a woman to have all sorts of “female growths”


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