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Veden – The One Glass Wonder!

I think that we all know how important good health is. The question is, what is actually healthy and unhealthy? I know that some people spend hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars on medications that their usually well-meaning doctors

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The Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds!

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to love pumpkin seeds right now with fall in the air, there are so many health benefits of these little seeds. Here are two health benefits of pumpkin seeds that I just love,

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Just a few Benefits of a Plant based diet!

I know that many people hate eating vegetables, as they have gotten addicted to refined sugars and fats, processed meats, and many other kinds of junk food. Little do they know the power that a whole foods, plant-based diet can

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Veden is a Revelation in the Nutrition Industry

Vancouver, Canada – February 5, 2014 – Our people have worked tirelessly over the last 10 years to create a raw protein blend that not only tastes good but also revolutionizes the way we view nutrition according to Bob Willet,

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Moose – (noun) – large animal with an attitude problem and once it gets on your back…

Moose remained resistant while imprisoned in the whole grain cell. Refusing to eat whole foods, he chose a poor, unbalanced diet. The goddess of health did not stop him because she hadn’t the heart to let him starve, and he

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Good Girl Smoothies

The Skinny Bimbo 2 strips Lemon zest 2 strips Orange zest 3 oz YJ Restor 2 scoops YJ ReShape 2 cups Water Crushed ice Blend or Shake

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Healthy Cocktail Mixer!

Gettin’ it done Havin’ FUN! We have found that the best way to introduce friends and family members to a clean and healthy way of living is through a really cool party! Parties don’t have to be the same ol’

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The Dangers of SOY, GLUTEN & DAIRY

Beaver was still having a grand ole time at the healthy palace of the health goddess. By continuing to eat whole foods—thankful to the goddess for saving her life—Tha Moose was off of her back and she was satisfied with

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